For The Love Of .....

"And, as unbelievable as it would have seemed to me then, I love you more now - this day, at this moment, than I ever have."

- Richard Castle, Raging Heat

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And the craziest thing a fan ever did for me? This one fan let me follow her around while she investigated New York’s strangest homicides. She’s still letting me, and I love her for it.

Richard Castle. 


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She is his number one fan, after all…

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"Castle and Beckett stand out for a reason: they click in the bedroom and at the crime scene." (x)

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Castle in TV Guide 

Well, at least he didn’t say, “No f…. way.” There is hope.

There was always the possibility of this season being the end

I really hope people don’t start sending Nathan hate for this…

I’d be stunned if they did, because he hasn’t said it is. Frankly, everyone’s contracts are up not just his. Everyone. And what he said was, nobody’s talked about it with me. Let’s see what happens when they do. If he wasn’t at all interested, you would’ve thought he wouldn’t have phrased it that openly.

I think people are freaking out because they haven’t learned to differentiate between something the interviewer says and what Nathan says so they think it’s Nathan saying ‘this could be his last season’ when in reality it’s just the writer of this article trying to come up with a catchy title that people are going to pay attention to

Yes. That is a giant issue. I realized that as I was reading. It’s exactly how a journalist phrases these things - for maximum eyeballs. But what Nathan’s quote actually says is MUCH more open ended.